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Indie Author Guide: Marketing Resources

Indie Author Guide: Marketing Resources

November 16, 2020

So, yeah, my last post was ONE WEEK before the Pandemic truly became a reality here in Iowa. And I haven't been back to the blog since. I'm returning today, actually with good news. Demeter West and the Absent Presence: Mystic Match Mysteries #2 is now in pre-order! Will be fully available next week. See the link in sidebar.

All the energy around getting the second book out has had me thinking again about marketing. Over the last couple months, I've really dug in on figuring out how to find more readers. Because that seems like the point of marketing to me. Okay, sure, it's a way of connecting to existing readers, but I gotta tell ya folks, at this point in my indie career, I still feel like I know most of my readers by first name, last name, and favorite cookie. Which means if I need to connect to you, I have other methods besides this blog.

However, I feel like I'm finally getting a handle on the practice of finding readers I can't find in my own kitchen. Two resources bear significant mention:

Each of the marketing opportunities mentioned in the above resources do cost some money, but lots of those opportunities are less than $50 as a one-time fee and several are under $20. I'll be exploring such opportunities in the months to come, which means: Hey, Mom, by next year you might not be the only one reading this!