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Indie Author Guide: Marketing as Connection

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Indie Author Guide: Marketing as Connection

March 8, 2020

So, the first thing to know about running a blog as an indie author? Don't abandon it. I'm actually resurrecting this blog after an unplanned 18-month hiatus.

As an indie author, I know writing the books has to be my first priority. But, I'm having to rethink making marketing my last priority because even though I'm thoroughly enjoying the writing the books and even the recording and producing the audiobooks (!), it would be nice to have some other folks, like you, enjoy the books, too.

And, I'm coming to recognize, however reluctantly, that marketing is how I get connected to all of you, readers who might really have fun finding out about all people who live in my head. And especially about Casper, the Midwestern college town that also serves as a cosmic crossroads and the primary setting for the Mystic Match Mysteries.

If you're actually here because you've already read or listened to the book...even reviewed it, you have my eternal thanks!!

I've spent this weekend doing some of the business parts of the indie author gig: prepping my business taxes, reading another book on book marketing, fixing up a refresh for this blog, and starting a YouTube channel.

Wish me luck! I promise it won't be 18 months between now and my next update.

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