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Word Clouds (Part 3)

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The Word Cloud: Poetic Form and/or Marketing Tool
June 13, 2018 (Part Three)

So this entry is the last one with the word clouds and chapter summaries included. I thought I might say a few words about one last trick: quoting myself. It's been pretty hilarious. My background is academic, so when I'm quoting something, it brings with it a whole range of notions about argument and authority. And for me to quote me? From or about my work? To promote me? I feel like I've reached some irreducible nexus of intertexuality, digital marketing, and postmodern autobiography. For me, the only real response to such absurdity is laughter.

Chapter Seventeen
"With some dismay she realized, in the tingling aftermath of Darrin’s kiss, that she had managed not to apply enough sunscreen."

Chapter 17 word cloud

Chapter Eighteen
Fortunes by Madame Loretta, Baby Godzilla, punched tin ceilings, and an attempted theft.

Chapter 18 word cloud

Chapter Nineteen
"She knew none of this was like her. Whatever hit her, she bounced right up and hit back. But she’d never had to fight anything quite like this."

Chapter 19 word cloud

Chapter Twenty
A coma, a speakeasy, more dogs, and the Igraine Ann White Exhibition of 19th Century Divination Tools!

Chapter 20 word cloud

Chapter Twenty-one
"...glimpses of crystals and candles, ornate storage boxes and altars, ceremonial knives, sachets, coins, and medallions..."

Chapter 21 word cloud

Chapter Twenty-two
Eddie Munster, a grand staircase, the motherline, and a treasure hoard.

Chapter 22 word cloud

Chapter Twenty-three
Cat's eye glasses, selfies, friendly chocolate mousse, a trance, and pizza, pizza, pizza!

Chapter 23 word cloud

Chapter Twenty-four
"Time is asynchronous between the worlds, and it moves differently...no two worlds an exact match..."

Chapter 24 word cloud

Chapter Twenty-five
The Ghost Tree, the Glass House, celebration, tarot for couples, the end.

Chapter 25 word cloud

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