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Word Clouds (Part 2)

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The Word Cloud: Poetic Form and/or Marketing Tool
June 12, 2018 (Part Two)

Yesterday, I commented a little on the similarities I found between my processes as a poet and the process of creating the word clouds and brief chapter summaries for social media. Today, I think it's worth noting the difference. The primary challenge, in extracting one set of texts from another for promotional purposes, was to determine how to much to tell. I wanted to set it up so the word clouds and chapter summaries created some intrigue, but I wanted to make sure I didn't give away any of the book's secrets. In the end, I chose to feature fewer character names in later word clouds and to include more items than actions in the chapter summaries. I suspect my beta readers could look at the collection of word clouds and see the arc of the narrative, but I'm hoping the rest of you will still find enough mystery in their connections to one another that you'll be curious enough to read the book!

Chapter Eight
Word cloud for Chapter 8, in which we go drinking at The Henge and dream of other worlds.

Chapter 8 word cloud

Chapter Nine
Book club, ponies, another tarot reading, and some mushroom hunting gone awry.

Chapter 9 word cloud

Chapter Ten
Birds, chess, Marilyn Monroe, and the YMCA.

Chapter 10 word cloud

Chapter Eleven
A pinky promise, a little twist, and dogs, dogs, dogs!

Chapter 11 word cloud

Chapter Twelve
"But I genuinely like you and that is something special. Don’t screw it up by playing the hapless innocent, okay?"

Chapter 12 word cloud

Chapter Thirteen
Sleepover espionage, paranormal evidence, and a very special connection.

Chapter 13 word cloud

Chapter Fourteen
Another world, another phone call, and another connection.

Chapter 14 word cloud

Chapter Fifteen
Chicken-flavored dog shampoo, cookies, and some friendly, if unusual, visitors at book club.

Chapter 15 word cloud
Chapter Sixteen
Tarot word cloud: Contentment, Opportunity, Star, Moon, Princess of Wands, Passage, Joy, Fullness, Silver Queen, Universe, Work.

Chapter 16 word cloud

Tune in tomorrow for the last of the series! Click here to see the first one!
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