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Word Clouds (Part 1)

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The Word Cloud: Poetic Form and/or Marketing Tool
June 11, 2018 (Part One)

Being creative regarding marketing is a different challenge than being creative regarding writing. I'm trying a number of avenues in that regard and my favorite so far has been the word cloud. I'd seen them before I started working on book promotion, and they felt like a really fun marketing approach to try, so I've spent most of the last month filling my Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook feeds with word clouds and ten-word chapter summaries. I can feel some of the same processes I use as a poet at work as I'm tweaking the word clouds or creating mini chapter summaries. As in poetry, I'm whittling the concept down, pulling extraneous words, looking for unexpected juxtapositions and playful combinations I can exploit for greater effect. I hope, in their own right, these micro narratives are fun to read!

Welcome to Casper! Meet the family, the friendlies and their parallel worlds, the Ghost Tree.

Chapter One word cloud

Chapter One
Tarot class, family dinner, combinatorics seminar.

Chapter One word cloud

Chapter Two
Civil War interlude & book club on Adler's Drawing Down the Moon.

Chapter Three
Stormy Castle, a migraine, and a close look at interdimensional turbulence.

Chapter Four
Matchmaking and Evil Steve & Scary Gary's Vanishing Act.

Chapter Five
Party, party, 80s dance party!

Chapter Five word cloud

Chapter Six
"He looked at the bookshelves the way Starlight looked at gumball machines, as if he wanted to gnaw his way through the lot."

Chapter Six word cloud

Chapter Seven
Beltane revels in a college town, followed by a haunting encounter.

Tune in tomorrow and the next day for more!
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