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The Whole Novel-Writing Thing

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Thoughts on the Whole Novel-Writing Thing

March 21, 2018

So, hey, Blessed Ostara, Happy Spring, and welcome to the Mystic Match Mysteries blog! I'm not Demeter, I'm Marta Ferguson, her creator and by extension, publicist. Ultimately the blog is here as content marketing to lure you all into buying the Mystic Match Mysteries, starring Demeter West & Co. They are on the way. Pre-order link coming soon.

But I hope the blog itself will be fun as well. I plan to have entries on tarot work, on haunted and/or historic places, on writing, and on whatever else wanders in. Certainly the associated Twitter feed (@wordhoundwriter) will be intensively focused on writing: favorite lines, bits of writing advice from me and others, words of random kindness, outrageous beauty, and so on.

The image that heads this particular column is the word cloud I generated from the book's prologue. I'll be featuring the word clouds chapter by chapter as I move into more active book promotion.

Meanwhile, as this is the blog's inaugural post, let me comment on the writing-a-first-novel ride. I've started about half dozen novels over the last couple decades. Let's call this Take #7, the lucky one. Though I had worked on it in fits and starts prior to 2015, I've worked on it longer fits and starts since then. In terms of actual contact time, I have over 150 writing and editing hours and over 200 research hours invested. What does that mean?

The first 150 hours are pretty self-explanatory: I typed stuff, I squinted and retyped stuff. I got comments from my fantastic and fantastically astute beta readers, read their comments, squinted and retyped more stuff. The research hours might be a little less intuitive: I looked stuff up. Lots of time in Scientific American-type articles on M-theory and the multiverse. Lots of time playing with all my tarot cards and books. Time spent, too, training with masters of fiction craft. My background's in poetry, so I had to learn the moves for the new game. My favorite guides? Stephen King's On Writing and Sandra Scofield's The Scene Book: A Primer for the Fiction Writer. I'll talk more about those and other books another time. TTFN!
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